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Here's my two cents.

Locked files separate into two areas

1/ dlls, programs etc do not need backing up (IMHO) these are just too
difficult on a windows box to backup, make sure you have original
install media

2/ Other locked files are things like registry, exchange data, etc etc,
to unlock these files you have to stop the apps using them, I always use
NT Backup to generate a backup file of things like system state,
exchange, then plonk this file into the box backup area to be backuped
up. This file is transferred quite efficiently - as most of the contents
are the same...


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Summary, so far:

The "backup Windows from a mini-Linux" idea is good, but not practical=20
as a daily backup for most cases.

Also, NTFS backups from Linux should work - NTFS read support is quite=20
good now, and there's even support for Logical Volumes.

A good backup plan is probably:
1) Do a Full backup of Windows from a mini-Linux.
2) Do incremental backups from within Windows.
3) Do subsequent full backups whenever you do a significant upgrade or=20
software install - which likely will need a reboot anyhow.

The good part of this plan is that most files which can't be easily=20
backed up from within Windows are the same files that change only when=20
you reboot.

The Registry is an exception, and should probably be treated as a=20
separate file system.

Another point to consider: a mini-Linux CD could be used not only as a=20
Windows backup tool, but also as a system restore tool for any OS when=20
starting from a blank hard disk.

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