[Box Backup] Installation issues RH ES3 and FC3

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:01:57 +0000

On 10 Dec 2004, at 15:19, timur.snoke@intalgent.com wrote:

> Hello-
> I have been testing out box backup 0.8RC3 on a RedHat ES 3 Server with
> Fedora Core 3 clients.
> a couple of things I have noticed...
> ES3 requires you to ./configure compile:-I/usr/kerberos/include for
> 0.08RC3 and 0.09

Sounds weird. What error do you get without that?

I really hope Box Backup becomes popular enough that these things 
become the problem of package maintainers, not the project author. I 
can dream, I suppose.

> ES3 is able to back itself up, but unable to receive updates from the 
> FC3
> clients...
> I get an error:
> Dec 10 10:11:32 magrathea bbackupd[3589]: File statistics: total file 
> size
> uploaded 0, bytes already on server 0, encoded size 0
> Dec 10 10:11:32 magrathea bbackupd[3589]: Beginning scan of local files
> Dec 10 10:11:32 magrathea bbackupd[3589]: Opening connection to server
> geonosis...
> Dec 10 10:11:32 magrathea bbackupd[3589]: Exception caught (7/15), 
> reset
> state and waiting to retry...
> and I used this method to install the server, a client on the server, 
> and
> a client to connect to the server... please let em know if i ommitted
> anything.

The client is unable to connect to the server.

What happens if you do

   telnet server.name.tld 2201

with the correct server name, from a client?

The instructions contain a few spurious and unnecessary steps (eg 
editing OpenSSL configuration files) but look OK at a quick glance.