[Box Backup] Bug fix - don't die on lstat failure

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:22:54 +0000

On 13 Dec 2004, at 18:12, Joe Krahn wrote:

> I found why I had problems getting my home directory backed up.
> If bbackupd get a bad result of lstat(), it aborts.
> In my case, the problem is actually from having a DVD .ISO file.
> Files greater than 4GB in size fail with stat; they need stat64.
> So, stat64() support is worth adding.
> But, it should also not abort the whole backup run due to one bad stat 
> call. It's better to just skip the item for which fstat failed by 
> chaning BackupClientDirectoryRecord.cpp from:

Isn't enabling linux LFS supposed to make it call that function instead 
of lstat itself?

Failures reading a file don't cause the backup to abort, but it does 
assume (at the moment) that getting file information is going to work.

I'll make it more tolerant.