[Box Backup] Exception caught: bad_alloc

Andreas Schrafl boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 16:00:35 +0100

I installed 0.09 in a OpenBSD Box and run the test. This is the result.
This is memory related and this machine is not very powerfull 
(testmachine) but I still think it should be able to do the work.

There was allways enough in /tmp so I don't think it run out of Ram.

common: PASSED
crypto: PASSED
compress: FAILED: Exception caught: bad_alloc
basicserver: PASSED
raidfile: PASSED
backupstore: PASSED
backupstorefix: PASSED
backupstorepatch: PASSED
backupdiff: PASSED
bbackupd: PASSED

I run a test with 0.08 and there I get the same results. I am running 
the 0.08 version for quite some time now and didn't have any problems so 
I assume this is not a big problem but if anybody could tell me what it 
is and if it is specifically for my systems I'd be happy.