[Box Backup] Issue with sync

Jan Kupka boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 4 Nov 2004 17:13:34 +0100


We have been using BoxBackup successfully for several weeks now without any problems. The backed up machine runs Slackware 9.1 and backup server runs FreeBSD 5.2.1. I have 2 queries though. 

First would refer to our project archive, which is a BackupLocation, where files are not being updated, except when a new file is copied into the directory. The directory is about 35G now with about 150 files ranging from 1Mb to 3Gb in size. It appears that the bbackupd isn't backing up the files that have been recently added. There are several other BackupLocation which work fine. I have been advised to remove the content of /var/backupd to refresh the file listing and restart the bbackupd. Could you please advise if this is correct?

Second, is there any way to sync the backup store to current state on backed up machine (similar to snapshot) if it is running in lazy mode?

Thanks very much,