[Box Backup] 7/48 after upgrading ... - solved

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sun, 7 Nov 2004 09:51:25 +0000

On 6 Nov 2004, at 15:53, Garry Glendown wrote:

> Garry Glendown wrote:
>> Hi,
>> after running 0.07* versions for quite some time, I decided to 
>> upgrade to 0.08 as work on PC clients seems to be progressing nicely 
>> ... install went nice on the server, but after installing the 0.08 
>> client on the first box, I get the 7/48 error upon starting bbackupd 
>> ... is there a "frequent" mistake I may have made that causes this?
> OK, problem was I didn't have an entry in /etc/services, which wasn't 
> necessary on the old release I had running - this in turn required me 
> to remove the inet: before the listen address ... after adding the 
> entry to services and putting the inet: back in, everything seems to 
> be working again ...

I'm surprised that an entry in /etc/services is required. Everything 
uses port numbers internally, and doesn't look things up in 

Also, in ListenAddresses, inet:hostname is the only acceptable format 
and the "inet:" is always required. (You can also listen on UNIX 
sockets by using "unix:filename", but this is of limited use.)