[Box Backup] Code in SVN -- review notes

Jonathan Morton boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Tue, 1 Nov 2005 06:26:07 +0000

> chromi/diffopt
> ==============
> static int sMaximumDiffTime = 600;             // maximum time to  
> spend diffing
>     -- not sure whether this is good or not?

It helps to find more matching sections when working with large,  
complex files, which tends to save bandwidth and may allow more past  
revisions to remain stored.  The time can always be overridden by the  
configuration file - this just adjusts the default.

Something I noticed on OSX, though - is it really wall-time or CPU- 
time being measured for that?  Unless/until a keep-alive is set up  
for the connection, wall-time is necessary in order to reliably avoid  
timeouts.  (Or, I have a more invasive revision idea to the diff/ 
recipe code, which would solve about three problems at once - the  
timeouts included.)

> Style: A tendency to place {'s on the same line as ifs and whiles.  
> And "} else {"...

I thought I'd caught all of those.  What did I miss?

> Is docs/backup/encrypt_rsync.txt changed, or just renamed? Use svn  
> rename first anyway.

Both, I think.  I did use the appropriate SVN command to rename it,  
but this might not show in 'svn diff'.