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Nick Knight boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 24 Oct 2005 11:15:51 +0100

Question for the SVN experts out there.

I am putting in the windows port. As Ben said I need to put in the
original version that I worked on, then upload the differences.

I am unsure what box version I started working on - somewhere in 0.08
but I believe it may have had some of Bens patches in it.

What is going to be the best way to pull in this version (simplified
please I am not a svn expert!!!)



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To: Nick Knight
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On 24 Oct 2005, at 10:36, Nick Knight wrote:

> Thanks Ben,
> Not wishing to screw up you svn repository can I just run this pas =20
> you.
> I have a working copy of my boxbackup with the windows work in it. =20
> It is
> called boxworking. To upload I should change this to 'nick' then =20
> upload
> to your repository - which will create a nick folder?
> Is this correct?

I'm afraid that won't really do what we need.

You need to take the original files you started modifying, then do a =20
diff between them and your version with the -uw option. Then copy =20
trunk to nick/win32, check that out (NOT trunk), apply the diff, and =20
commit the modified files. Otherwise we lose all the lovely tracking =20

I'm not an expert on this, so if you're not sure, ask on the list. =20
Martin appears to know all about this stuff.