[Box Backup] Coding standards

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 1 Sep 2005 20:58:11 +0100

On 1 Sep 2005, at 20:33, Gary wrote:

>> No overloading of operators, especially not for i/o. Only exception
> Once I read the subject, I knew this was gonna be in here ;) j/k.

Better people than I have explained in depth why operator overloading  
is a Bad Thing.

>> Indent with tabs, with 4 character tab stops.
>> Bracing style: (...)
> I think every programmer is most efficient and produces least bugs  
> when
> he or she is using his or her own code-style and idioms (within  
> reason,
> of course). We could always use an automated source code styler to
> bring everything into a uniform code universe.

Everyone would be welcome to work in the way they work best. I think  
it would be appreciated by everyone to have a consistent style, but  
how this is achieved is up to the individual. (As long as it doesn't  
create spurious diffs in source control.)