[Box Backup] Backup with far more space used than source

Mr R G Shepherd boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 19:27:34 +0100

Kristopher Zentner wrote:
> My media server backup that has all my cds (which are mostly aac/mp3) and
> movies, etc is what's puzzling me:

I know this is completely OT but is boxbackup the best choice of backup solution 
for this type of client? I see the point of box backup for many potential 
circumstances but I fail to see what this setup requires from box backup.

Would a weekly rsync not be more appropriate unless you really need to encrypt 
your mp3s of course...

I would have thought an archive procedure onto removeable media would be a 
better choice. But then I guess some youngsters don't have the benefit of an 
acetate/vinyl hard copy of their entertainment media... re reading your post I 
see you have taken your audio off CD's - why increase the media requirements for 

No need for a massive flamefest, I'm just a little curious.... :)