[Box Backup] Backup with far more space used than source

Mr R G Shepherd boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 20:12:26 +0100

Kristopher Zentner wrote:

> One word: iPod.
> That, and I have a computer acting as a media center so I don't have to 
> deal
> with loading and unloading plastic. It's very nice not having to go through
> about 500 cds to get what I want. Backups are nice to have of all this of
> course since a drive failure, or inadvertent rm renders a lot of encoding
> effort lost.

Of course, I meant duplication of the duplicate :) You've already duplicated the 
data by taking it off plastic for the media centre, which is the best idea 
totally as far as i'm concerned (speaking as a music lover). However if the 
media centre goes arse up, you've still got the plastic original,

In fact, regarding a friend of mine, his kids have rarely seen a commercial 
issue Compact disk, Every time the family gets a CD or DVD, he creates a 
duplicate, (printed photo cover the lot), rips the data to the MythTV hard disk 
for his own purposes and puts the original in the loft. I've seen CD's 
half-buried in the garden and toast(with jam) in a DVD case but he doesn't 
care..... quite rightly so, if they destroy one, he makes another duplicate 
(usually from hard disk)...