[Box Backup] Boxi and boxbackup question.

Kai boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 9 Sep 2005 10:59:08 +1200

> > I was using the boxbackup that comes with boxi.. it turned out to be a
> > firewall issue. (I should always look for the simple stuff first).
> Sorry, I know that error message should be more helpful. I have added it
> to my TODO list.

No problem. :) It's something I should have thought of the second I saw the
socket error but saw no inbound packets on my server. 

> If bbackupd is not logged in when a sync is requested, then it should log
> in automatically. You could try using the "bbackupctl sync" command from
> the command line, without Boxi running, and see if that works. If
> not, then it's probably not a Boxi bug.

Hrmm I also have the windows version of boxbackup installed and that works
fine when run from the command line. I haven't tried manually running the
version supplied with Boxi, will try that tonight. 

> Also, if you did anything with Boxi that required write access to the
> server (such as deleting or undeleting files), it will probably be logged
> in with write access. This might prevent bbackupd from getting the write
> access that it needs. You will probably find errors in the server and
> client logs to this effect.

I made sure I was tailing the logs on the server while using boxi. When I go
to the "Backup Process" tab and click "start" I see the following on the
server : 

Sep  8 18:21:54 dreams bbstored[29065]: Certificate CN: BACKUP-256
Sep  8 18:21:54 dreams bbstored[29065]: Login: Client ID 00000256,
Sep  8 18:21:54 dreams bbstored[29065]: Session finished

So it appears to log in and straight back out again. If I hit the Sync
button I see the same again (logs in and out immedaitly) and then I get the
message "sync failed" in the error box in boxi.

> I just tested restoring a file using 0.1.0 on Linux and it works (although
> it was a very small file). The restore code is actually ripped straight
> out of bbackupquery, so I'm surprised that it doesn't work. Could you try
> restoring the same file with the bbackupquery command line tool?

Mkay.. I'm still using 0.0.7 because that's the only compiled binary I could
find for windows. I'd compile my own copy but I don't have the tools for
compiling under windows. To be quite honest I wouldn't even know where to
start. I've been using linux most of my life and am very competent on that
but know very little about how windows works or how one would compile
something on windows. (give me linux anyday) 

> If the file is still corrupted, then it could be that your private key
> file is wrong. I don't think Box Backup provides any way to detect this -
> it just silently restores corrupt data - but I could be wrong. I seem to
> remember other bbackupd (not Boxi) users reporting similar issues in the
> past.

The keys are right because if I use the windows version of boxbackup command
line (not the one that comes with boxi) then the restore/backup process
works perfectly. Personally I would use the command line version but I'm
trying to get a system set up for some friends who are windows only people
and wouldn't know what to do without a GUI. :) 

Speaking of the GUI.. every time I start it up I get the error

"Couldn't ass an image to the image list". I suspect I'm probably having so
many problems because I'm using an older version. 

> > As I said tho I'll play with it some more tonight.
> Please do, and let me know how it goes, although please note that I will
> be away on a training course for a week from Sunday, and not able to
> respond to email during that time.

No problem. Just really thankful you've been working on a GUI client at all.
It will hopefully make my life much easier when hooking Windows friends up
to my backup box. 

> Thanks for trying out Boxi, and I'm sorry it's not working for you yet!