[Box Backup] bbackupctl always fails when run from crontab. Manual always OK?

tbp boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:37:00 +0200


The cronjob seems to fail within the 1st hour. A successful run is about 
6 hours.

I don't think I have done a manual run at the exact same time as the 

The user is the same ion the manual and crontab runs (root)

Should the debug build tell me what file is being backed up? I have 
never noticed.
I will run again with the debug build and report back.


Per Thomsen wrote:
> On 8/22/06 8:38 AM, tbp wrote:
>> I have been running the cronjob at different times a day. I used to
>> run the cronjob at night. I then had successfull manual runs during
>> the day. I decided to move the cronjob to the same time as the
>> sucessfull manual runs.
> This is a bit odd...
> Just trying to cover all the bases.. Couple of questions:
>     * Does this happen when backing up a specific file? Or a specific
>       time during the run (e.g.: always 20 minutes into the run)?
>     * What happens when you run manually at the time that the cron job
>       was failing?
>     * Is the user the same on the cron job, as on the manual run?
>     * Is the cron problem related to a particular file? (Debug build
>       should tell you the file being backed up)
> Thanks,
> Per