[Box Backup] Backing UP the root filesystem

Thomas Glanzmann boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 1 Feb 2006 07:02:18 +0100

I am using boxbackup-0.9 and I tried to backup the root filesystem using
boxbackup and run into a few troubles:

        - bbackupd-config doesn't allow me to configure '/' to be backed up. I
          wonder why 'It is not recommended that you backup the root directory of your
          disc' in the first place?

        - So I edited /etc/box/bbackupd.conf manually afterwards to fit my needs:

                Path = /
                ExcludeFile = /etc/box/bbackupd/1-FileEncKeys.raw
                ExcludeFile = /home/sithglan/media
                ExcludeDir  = /webfarm
                ExcludeDir  = /data
                ExcludeDir  = /dev/shm

The problem now is, that bbackupd does ignore my ExcludeDir Entries. It still
tries to backup data from /data. I have no idea why so far but did not look at
the sourcecode either.

I also would like to see a direction similliar to ExcludeDir which tells
bbackupd to stay on the same filesystem while doing the backup. like 'find -xdev'