[Box Backup] Minor Account ID string format issues on server

E.W. Peter Jalajas boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:24:28 -0800 (PST)

Hi all,

A handful of really minor issues on the 0.09 server. 

I had a tiny bit of trouble monitoring my multiple clients on my server
because of three things:

1.  the Account ID numbers in some places don't have leading zeros,
depending upon whether you create the account with leading zeros.

2.  the case of the Account ID numbers vary.

3.  many log record types have no Account ID, so I can't tell which
client each record belongs to.

>From bbstoreaccounts check: Check store account ID 01abc23d
>From bbstoreaccounts info: Account ID: 01abc23d
>From find /root/.boxbackup/backup/: /root/.boxbackup/backup/01abc23d
>From /var/log/box*: 
  Certificate CN: BACKUP-1abc23d
  Login: Client ID 01ABC23D, Read/Write
#I can't recall if I created this account with a leading zero.

>From bbstoreaccounts check: Check store account ID 00000011
>From bbstoreaccounts info:                   Account ID: 00000011
>From find /root/.boxbackup/backup/: /root/.boxbackup/backup/00000011
>From /var/log/box*: 
  Certificate CN: BACKUP-11
  Login: Client ID 00000011, Read/Write
#I know I created this account WITHOUT the leading zero.

>From bbstoreaccounts check: Check store account ID 00000014
>From bbstoreaccounts info:                   Account ID: 00000014
>From find /root/.boxbackup/backup/: /root/.boxbackup/backup/00000014
>From /var/log/box*: 
  Certificate CN: BACKUP-00000014
  Login: Client ID 00000014, Read/Write
#I know I created this account with 6 leading zeros (and I don't know

These, among others, would be nice records to track in a multi-client
environment if they had an Account ID:
>From /var/log/box*: 
  Send LoginConfirmed(0x40c61742845c0,0x833e,0x3e800,0x44c00)
  Session finished  (No Logout record?)
  Send Error(0x3e8,0x4)
  in server child, exception ConnectionTLSReadFailed (Probably a
     issue between client and server.) (7/34) -- terminating child

While I'm at it, is there a short list of key words that would be good
to grep in the logs to check the health of my server and clients?  I've
been using "exception", "error", and "warning" (in addition to Account
IDs and "login").  

While I'm still at it, and showing how lazy I truly am, does
housekeeping or other tool do a "bbstoreaccounts check" for all
accounts and log it's findings good or bad.  Would that be appropriate
and easy to code?