[Box Backup] What to do when directory to backup is temporarily unavailable

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 10:40:20 +0100

On 12 Jun 2006, at 10:09, Andrei wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm backing up some directories from a network location. These
> directories may be unavailable from time to time; how can I do a
> backup of the other (accessible) directories, ignoring the unavailable
> network locations ? Is this supported ?

No. Box Backup is designed with the assumption that bbackupd will run  
on the machines which host the filesystem to be backed up.

On the other hand, it shouldn't be too hard to add the necessary  
code. Join the -dev list and ask for tips if you want to have a go.