[Box Backup] Off topic: Request for server advice

Jamie Neil boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:23:34 +0100

Chris Wilson wrote:
> * Dell PowerEdge SC1425 SATA (rack mount), GBP 626

We use a lot of these (currently running about 15), but we generally buy
them with minimum memory (256Mb) and upgrade with third party modules
(half the price of Dell). Although if you only need a Gb per box then
that's probably not worth it. No problems so far running Debian 3.1
(Sarge) w/ 2.6 kernel.

Are they going to be run in an air conditioned room? If not then I would
have a look at AMD based systems as they tend to draw a lot less power
than Intel. The 1425s have passive heatsinks with a fan array blowing
air over them - gets a bit noisy when they are running hot.

Dell have just released the SC1435 too (I've not got any pricing on
these yet). They are AMD based and so should be more power efficient.

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