[Box Backup] Box Backup on Rails - Part 2

Richard Hurt boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 13:00:22 -0400

WOW!  This is really, really cool!  I'm thinking that it might be
answer to my problem - the last piece of the BoxBackup problem.
Namely how to retrieve files in a friendly way.


On 3/19/07, Stefan Norlin <stefan.norlin@infoflexconnect.se> wrote:
> I just re-visited the webbased application we put together a short while
> ago.
> The application felt very slow. The reason for this we discovered was the
> ruby crypt library is a pure ruby implementation and therefore really slow.
> Also
> the "ezcrypt" libraries available which are a wrapper towards the OpenSSL
> cannot be used since the "openssl" layer placed on top of the "raw" crypt
> routines imposes a lot of restrictions on key length etc and therefore
> cannot
> be used.
> Our solution was to create a small ".so" file which wraps the AES and
> Blowfish
> functions to be directly accessed from Ruby. This improved performance
> more than 100 times. If the ".so" file is not available it will fallback to
> the
> slow pure Ruby crypt library.
> Also, now files can be downloaded in the application interface. Only one
> file at a time can be downloaded currently. The file will be extracted on
> the
> web server and then be re-compressed using "zip" when sent to the client.
> https://secure2.infoflex.se/rbbackup/
> "admin"/"bbadmin" - Admin account
> "demo"/"bbdemo" - User account
> Regards,
> Stefan
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