[Box Backup] Parse Logfiles

Torsten Boob boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 24 Mar 2007 16:25:56 +0100

Hi Chris,

thank you for your help.

I tested the version from the svn. Its funny. With that version i do
not get an error on the client, but an error on the server:

... in server child, exception Connection TLSReadFailed (Probably a
network issue between client and server.) (7/34) -- terminating child

After that, the client dies.

Thank you for the patch for bb 0.10. But i think thats no solution for
me. The patch has nearly 30000 lines of changes and i think 0.10 with
such a patch can not be considered as stable anymore.

When will next version of bb with all that beautiful changes be
available ? :)

Have a nice weekend

Am Sat, 24 Mar 2007 00:49:24 +0000 (GMT)
schrieb Chris Wilson <chris@qwirx.com>:

> Hi Torsten,
> > that sounds really good. I get an compilation error:
> >
> > Guards.h: In constructor 'FileHandleGuard<flags,
> > mode>::FileHandleGuard(const char*)': Guards.h:37: error: 'errno'
> > mode>was not declared in this scope
> Sorry about that, and thanks for reporting it. I've fixed it in my
> tree now. Please "svn update" and try again, thanks.
> > Is it possible to build a patch with your changes for boxbackupp
> > 0.10 ? I would like to use that in production use.
> Sorry, it's not trivial because some files have moved around, and
> there are a lot of changes in general. I'll send you a patch but it's
> completely untested, no promises that it will work. The safest thing
> to do is to check out my tree and build from that. Please let me know
> if you have any more problems, I'd be very happy to fix them.
> Cheers, Chris.