[Box Backup] Error (4/11) with 4GB Files

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 2 May 2007 20:51:29 +0100 (BST)

Hi Bernd,

> I want to backup my DB archive files. Each night a new ARCHIVE is 
> created and renamed to become the youngest generation as ARCHIVE+ - the 
> older ones are renamed to ARCHIVE++ and ARCHIVE+++ respectively. The 
> oldest is removed.
> Bbackupquery list -ts reports one set of these files having been stored 
> days ago. But no newer one was backed up since then. In the log I could 
> find messages like this:
> Mar 19 01:28:40 dlb5 bbackupd[24330]: Backup object failed, error when 
> reading //home/bak/ARCHIVE+
> Mar 19 01:28:40 dlb5 bbackupd[24330]: Error code when uploading was (4/11), 
> BackupStore BadBackupStoreFile

I think this may be related to a bug that I recently fixed, where bbackupd 
would choose an invalid block size (greater than the maximum allowed) for 
files over 2 GB.

Please could you try using my chris/merge branch (svn checkout 
http://bbdev.fluffy.co.uk/svn/box/chris/merge/) and see if it solves this 

Unfortunately, because the file on the store is not valid, you will have 
to upload it again, possibly by renaming those files while bbackupd is not 

> When I copy one of these files to a arbitrary name, it gets backed up.

Do you happen to know if subsequent (incremental) backups of those same 
files work?

> When I run a "bbackquery -qa compare" I get these ERRORs:
> ERROR:  (4/11) during file fetch and comparsion for '/dlb5/home/bak/ARCHIVE+'
> ERROR:  (7/42) during file fetch and comparsion for 
> ERROR:  '/dlb5/home/bak/ARCHIVE++'
> ERROR:  (7/42) during file fetch and comparsion for 
> ERROR:  '/dlb5/home/bak/ARCHIVE+++'

This should hopefully be fixed in chris/merge as well (after the files 
have been re-uploaded).

Cheers, Chris.
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