[Box Backup] Exception: Cipher EVPFinalFailure (5/6)

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 3 May 2007 10:33:29 +0100 (BST)

Hi Eric,

On Wed, 2 May 2007, Eric Cronin wrote:

> I will send you the keys off-list.  I believe the procedure to duplicate this 
> would involve (at least)
> *compile bbackupd linked against openssl 0.9.8c (d should also work if I read 
> CVS correctly, but c seems to be known to be different)
> *create a new account on a bbstored matching the keys
> *back up some files (the account was at about 20G total when this happened)
> *upgrade openssl on the client to 0.9.8e
> *see if things still work...
> There seems to be a dependency on either the key or the amount of data 
> backed up before the 0.9.8e switch (or the uploaded block count?  this 
> account was about a year old in lazy mode).  We have one other machine 
> which is at 0.9.8e right now (and started out at 0.9.8), and it is 
> operating fine.  It is both newer and lower usage than my account was...
> As other tools which do block-based local encryption seem to have been 
> bitten, I'm not sure it is a bug in boxbackup (e.g. calling an API 
> wrong), but it is certainly possible box could work around it...

I wrote my reply to your first message without having seen the second, 
sorry. Now that I have seen it, I agree that this is a bug in OpenSSL. If 
it continues to be a problem after 0.9.8f, I will investigate. In that 
case, the certificates that you sent will be very useful, thanks.

Cheers, Chris.
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