[Box Backup] Segmentation Fault

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 26 May 2007 00:08:35 +0100 (BST)

Hi Pete (and Paul),

On Fri, 25 May 2007, E.W. Peter Jalajas wrote:

> Are we talking here about a situation in which the bbackupd.conf file is 
> not in the same directory as the bbackup*.exe executables?  I don't 
> think so, but if so, I think we can reasonably not support that 
> configuration.

I'm not sure, perhaps Paul MacKenzie can confirm that his executables are 
in the same directory as his config files? That would make life easier. I 
think we already have some code to figure out the location of the 

> For the record, many, if not most, of my installs are now in D:\Program 
> Files\Box Backup (folks are trying to keep a smaller C: drive, holding 
> just the OS).

I'm not :-) I prefer one big partition over lots of small ones. Less 
robust, I know, but I more often run out of space on a partition than I 
face filesystem corruption.

> I prefer the option, as stated in Ticket #12, that it is assumed that 
> the configuration file is in the same directory as the executable.
> I'm not sure I understand your #3 below, but I think it is fairly easy 
> to write to and read the registry isn't it?  The bbackupquery.reg file 
> might look something like:

> -----
> Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Box Backup\bbackupquery]
> "Install Directory"="Z:\\Program Files\\Box Backup\\bbackupquery"
> -----
> and be installed with
>    regedit -s bbackupquery.reg
> and read with
>    regedit -e bbackupquery_out.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Box Backup\bbackupquery
> or something like that.  A little parsing of the output would be needed. 
> Or am I way off base?

That might help a bit, but anyone who wanted to install in a non-standard 
path would still have to hack about with their registry, wouldn't they?

> Barring that, I don't have a problem using environment variables. 
> Especially if it is very easy on you, Chris.  We can improve it later. 
> Normal humanoids will neither know nor care.

I'm still torn on environment vs registry. I get the feeling that "the 
Windows way" is to use the registry, and that users are more comfortable 
and know how to find things there, but using the environment is certainly 
easier and more compatible with the One True Way (Unix).

> I have an InstallJammer Box Backup installer that I am testing out.  It 
> works pretty well so far (my GUI-only Windows buddy likes it a lot). 
> Available upon request.

Not sure about that, never used InstallJammer before. The screenshots on 
their website are minimal. Does it feel like a proper Windows installer? 
Does it come with an uninstaller? Does it appear in Add/Remove Programs? 
Does anyone else have any feelings about positive or negative sides of 
using InstallJammer versus the better-known NSIS?

Cheers, Chris.
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