[Box Backup] Upgrade issue

Paulo Almeida boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 22 Nov 2007 14:07:54 -0000 (WET)

Hi Chris,

First of all, sorry for the delay...

>> In our case, we use that information for statistics purpose,to maintain
>> a historic of each backup. For us it's very usefull.
> OK, but would those kind of statistics be something that you'd expect to
> be displayed by default by a server application, or would you expect to
> have to enable it if you want it? For example, sshd doesn't display those
> numbers by default in the system logs, httpd does but only in its own log
> file.

For us, no matter if this kind of statistics will be displayed by default
or by a switch option in daemon startup.
What we do here, is running a parsing script, that catch in log file
all the lines that have the "IN= OUT= TOTAL=" statistic information for
that day and make the total sum of them. This for all boxbackup clients.
The goal with this is to have a historical along the time and if we detect
a huge discrepancy on a particular day, then we know that maybe something
went wrong.
So, we think that it would be very useful if boxbackup being able to
register in some kind of database (sql, db,... whatever) all the events
that are happening, i.e., errors on backup, start/end of a backup, ammount
of data that was transfered on a backup, etc...
Well, maybe this kind of things already are possible, cause quite honestly
we didn't explore all the features, just some of them :)

>> By the way... We want to give to all developers of Box Backup a
>> heartfelt congratulations for the great job that has been made in this
>> wonderful piece of software.
> Thanks! Can we quote you on that?

Of course...

Best Regards,
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