[Box Backup] Exclude/Include - what am I doing wrong?

Garry Glendown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:59:42 +0100


I've been trying to get this working, but somehow can't ...

I have a drive /data, of which I only want to back up three 
subdirectories. Sure, I could create an entry in the config for each, 
but would rather keep it together (knowing there may be additional 
directories anytime).

So I tried something like this:

>         data
>         {
>                 Path = /data
>                 ExcludeDirsRegex = .*
>                 ExcludeFilesRegex = .*
>                 AlwaysIncludeDir = /data/comics
>                 AlwaysIncludeDir = /data/src
>                 AlwaysIncludeDir = /data/contrib
>         }
Putting the "AlwaysIncludeDir" didn't work, either ... in both cases, no 
files were saved ...

Using "ExcludeDir = /data" followed by the AlwaysIncludeDir statements 
didn't work either, though this time everything was stored (well, at 
least it started saving files from the /data directory, so I assume it 
would have just stored everything ...)

What am I doing wrong? The docs don't really give away much info on the 
way the filters work ... it would be nice if they worked in the way e.g. 
Cisco routers do access lists ... go through the list, testing for 
matching patterns - once a pattern matches, the include or exclude is 
taken ... in my example, I'd just put the AlwaysInclude statements in 
first, then the Exclude for /data or the Files .* ...

Oh, I'm running the regular 0.10 client/server ...

Tnx, -garry