[Box Backup] Help installing client on Mac OS X

Per Reedtz Thomsen boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 04 Oct 2007 00:09:21 -0700

On 10/3/07 1:49 AM, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Pete and Per,
> On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Per Reedtz Thomsen wrote:
>> On 10/2/07 7:06 PM, Peter Jalajas, TebucoSafe Backups wrote:
>>>  A new situation for me.  A new client is in a Mac environment (info 
>>> from
>>>  the client):
> ...
>>>  I'm not a Mac guy at all, so I'm not sure I even know where to 
>>> begin.  I
>>>  guess I have to set up a
>>>  build environment (yikes!  how?!), and then follow:
>>>  http://bbdev.fluffy.co.uk/trac/wiki/SourceCodeRepository ?
>>>  Any and all help appreciated!
>> I'll be happy to send you the G5 10.4.10 parcel for client and 
>> server, but I don't have a G4 machine anymore. As far as a 
>> development environment goes, Apple's XCode Dev Kit is free to 
>> download if you sign up at Apple's developer site 
>> (http://www.apple.com/developer).  The ADC Online membership is free.
> Pete, does your client have Fink installed, or would they mind 
> installing it?
> Per, do you know much about Fink? Would you be interested in helping 
> to get Box into Fink's repository? I don't have a Mac, so I'd be 
> flying blind, but I'd like to get it done.
I'd love to help with that. Not sure what Matt is doing, so just want to 
coordinate. I also have the ability to make Universal Binaries..

First problem though: I am not sure what to pull from SVN. I pulled the 
tip of chris/general and trunk, but both do not pass runtest.pl... Not 
sure if I got the wrong code, or if there is some other problem.

Here is the summary of test results for the trunk build. The 
chris/general branch has the same problems:

common: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
crypto: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
compress: PASSED
raidfile: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
basicserver: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
backupstore: FAILED: 3 tests failed (first at ../../lib/common/Test.h:157)
backupstorefix: FAILED: 2 tests failed (first at 
backupstorepatch: FAILED: 2 tests failed (first at 
backupdiff: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
bbackupd: FAILED: 3 tests failed (first at ../../lib/common/Test.h:157)

Let me know if you want the full config.log, and test output, and I'll 
send it.


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