[Box Backup] SSL raw key

Bertram Scharpf boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 23 Jan 2008 13:40:51 +0100


this is rather a SSL question but it came up when configuring
boxbackup. I may ask here.

The config script says:

  1) Make a backup of /etc/box/bbackupd/51-FileEncKeys.raw
     This should be a secure offsite backup.
     Without it, you cannot restore backups. Everything else can
     be replaced. But this cannot.

As far as I understand I can rebuild the SSL private and
public keys using the raw random data in "N-FileEncKeys.raw".
In case even this is wrong, please tell me how to start to
"replace everything else".

In case it applies please show me how I can reconstruct the
*.pem files.

A short hint to a manpage or an online document will suffice.

Thanks in advance,


Bertram Scharpf
Stuttgart, Deutschland/Germany