[Box Backup] Manually deleting files

Matt Brown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 25 Jan 2008 11:39:55 +0000

> Unfortunately the store has no old or 'deleted' files to delete, it's
> all 'current' :-(
> If I could convince it to do a backup run, it would probably mark as
> deleted a few.

I suppose in this instance what you could probably do with is  
something like a delete or rm command to delete files/dirs within the  
console (via bbackupquery) as an emergency get me out of trouble  
feature :-)

I have tried the usual rm / rmdir / del / delete commands via the  
console, but it would *appear* that this is not a feature of box - I  
guess as its purpose is to backup rather than delete, this was not a  
desired/required feature.

>> Just out of interest if you run a bbackupquery usage what is it
>> reporting as used/old/deleted etc.
> 100% all the way...


I am wondering if its possible to work out the dirs/files structure on  
the store you wish to remove and delete those files via the  
conventional means via the shell ?? Presuming that is possible, that  
would help free up some space .... but there maybe dragons ere  :-)

Ill have a play here on my dev server and let you know if I find  


Matt Brown