[Box Backup] Lazy mode and temp-file handling

Wolfgang Trexler boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:14:49 +0200


I've boxbackup 0.11rc2 running in lazy mode on a heavy loaded machine 
with a lot of activity on the file system. Every now and then I get an 
error message that some of the files could not be backed up. All theses 
files are either temp or (short time) lock files. The minimum age 
parameter MinimumFileAge is set to 6 hours, so this shouldn't happen at 

One of these files is a tmp file of a cron job that runs rather often 
and does some sort of file rotation. So a file is generated, moved to a 
tmp file (always with the same name) processed and deleted later on. The 
tmp file is never alive for longer than a few minutes, but shows up 
quite often (in different versions).

I suppose that by chance the file-name exists (although with different 
inodes) on several boxbackup-runs in a row, so boxbackup "sees" it for 
more than 6 hours and initiates an upload. As the file is deleted in 
between I get the error message.

I wonder if this file should even be considered for an upload, given 
that "the same file" doesn't exist for more than 6 hours, only a file 
with the same file name but different inodes.