[Box Backup] Web Management Interface

Scott McNee boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 10:05:32 +1000

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've started work on a basic web management GUI for Box Backup servers, 
> for my own purposes. You can find more information at:
>   http://www.boxbackup.org/trac/wiki/WebManagementInterface
> I think that some of you have already developed web management GUIs for 
> various purposes, and I'd like to see how these can be integrated into a 
> unified system. Please let me know your suggestions.
> Cheers, Chris.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the effort that you have been putting in I really appreciate it.

I have been having a play with your Web Interface and I have hit a snag. 
At a guess it could be different version of the bbstoreaccounts program 
and the way that it
outputs its data.

The error that I am getting is :

Bad format in bbstoreaccounts info output for account 1: 'Account ID is 
integer specified in hex
' at /var/www/html/admin/accounts/accounts.cgi line 403.

Accounts.txt :


bbstoreaccounts info 1 :

                  Account ID: 00000001
              Last object ID: 143587
                 Blocks used: 13036178 (50922.57Mb)
    Blocks used by old files: 88367 (345.18Mb)
Blocks used by deleted files: 3536705 (13815.25Mb)
  Blocks used by directories: 5359 (20.93Mb)
            Block soft limit: 13107200 (51200.00Mb)
            Block hard limit: 14417920 (56320.00Mb)
         Client store marker: 1226101987000000

Any Ideas ?