[Box Backup] Eventlog full with warnings

Roy boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Wed, 19 Nov 2008 13:13:28 +0100

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Roy wrote:
>>>> Allready an idea what the other problem is?
>>> I'm not sure, but I was wondering if you might have been moving files 
>>> around between directories while a backup was running? E.g. was 
>>> "D:\Foto's
>>> & Afbeeldingen\webimages\Tiger Extras Win\The Icons\Puft Smart 
>>> Folder.ico" moved from D:\Foto's & Afbeeldingen\Sonja to D:\Foto's & 
>>> Afbeeldingen\webimages\Tiger Extras Win\The Icons? It's a long shot I 
>>> know.
>>> Otherwise I think that the in-memory ID Map database is becoming 
>>> corrupted, but I don't yet see how that could be possible, I'm still 
>>> working on it.
>> No that example you gave, is not correct. Files in 
>> "20080920-26_Hongarije" are possibly be renamed, but files in webimages 
>> are certainly not renamed or moved. Can I do something to prevent 
>> corrupting it? Or to reverse the process?
> I'm afraid I don't yet know why the corruption is happening, if it is 
> happening, so I can't help you much except to release a new build with 
> this warning downgraded to a lower priority level so that it doesn't spam 
> your logs so much. It doesn't affect the actual operation of Box Backup, 
> so if it was working before, it will still work now, but I do want to get 
> to the bottom of it, as I don't yet understand how this situation can 
> happen.
> Cheers, Chris.
Hi Chris,

Can I do something to help you debug this problem? Maybe running a debug 
build on my workstation?

Or do I have to remove that backup location from my configuration file, 
wait till it is removed and then add it again to resolve this issues?