[Box Backup] Which notifyScript is used?

Roy boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 00:39:40 +0100

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Roy wrote:
>>>> I had some troubles with the notify script that was in the latest 
>>>> Windows release. But that bug is solved by Chris now. However at the 
>>>> moment, I receive after every run 2 mails from Box Backup with an 
>>>> unknow error. The message in eventlog never showed that the notify 
>>>> script was started with an unknow parameter, only 
>>>> backup-start/-finish/-ok. The strange thing is that in the config 
>>>> file I have:
>>>> NotifyScript = cscript "C:\Program Files\Box Backup\NotifySysAdmin.vbs"
>>>> And I changed in that particular script the subjtmpl, but the mails 
>>>> remain the same. Also I commented out the part of the unknown error, 
>>>> but still I receive that kind of errors. I don't understand this, 
>>>> which script is executed? How can I check this? And does Box Backup 
>>>> cache this script somewhere?
>> I'm running Windows XP Pro, so no Vista here...
> OK, I can't see an obvious reason for the problem. If you run:
>   cscript "C:\Program Files\Box Backup\NotifySysAdmin.vbs" foobar
> does it send you an email or not?
> Cheers, Chris.
No it's not. That the strange thing. Although looking at the script it 
is obvious that it doesn't, but why is BB itself doing it? It is driving 
me crazy...