[Box Backup] Eventlog full with warnings

Roy boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 14:10:14 +0100

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Roy wrote:
>>> Another thing that would be really helpful is to have a debug log file 
>>> where both the initial run (when the IDs are stored in the mapping 
>>> database) and the subsequent run (where those IDs are used to detect 
>>> moved files) in the same file. You've sent me two separate log files 
>>> already but I don't know whether there were any intervening runs or 
>>> what could have happened in the time between those logs.
>> Initial run, is the first run when the service starts?
> Yes, that's right.
>>> Use "dir" on each drive, the volume serial number is at the top of the 
>>> output.
>> c: => 941B-B190
>> d: => 78FA-5915
> OK, so it's not that the drives have the same serial number, which was one 
> of my theories. Bummer.
> Cheers, Chris.
Hi Chris,

I'm running a full compare, and I wanted to catch the output into a 
logfile, but I think it didn't work.
bbackupctl "compare -a" > output.txt
I see a lot of message rolling through my command window, but the 
logfile is still empty. Eventlog is full, so I'll probably be missing a lot.
How can I capture the output?

And I have already a "different contents to store file" warning. And 
that file hasn't changed for 9 months! So something is going wrong. Can 
I force a upload of that particular file?



PS. compare isn't finished yet, so maybe I'll add some here later...