[Box Backup] Changes in bbackupd.conf ignored

boxbackup@boxbackup.org boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:58:15 +0200

I installed boxbackup - both server and client run on a ubuntu 8.04 box.
After working around some ubuntu-introduced bugs (install scripts 
broken) by using the excelent howto from www.boxbackup.org i could to a 
inital backup-test.

I use snapshot mode. My first BackupLocations look like:

      Path = /home
      ExcludeDir = /home/mainuser

There are some testusers around with about 150 mb data and they are 
stored as expeced by typing:

bbackupctl sync

Now after that successful test I wanted to backup the data of the 
mainuser (about 9 GB) and changed the bbackupd.conf to:

      Path = /home
      ExcludeDir = /home/mainuser/.ssh
      ExcludeDir = /home/mainuser/special

After that change I restarted the boxbackup-client (bbackupd) and did a new:

bbackupctl sync

This was unbelievably fast and space efficient. It endet after 1 second 
with a successful message and does not need one MB space more on the server!

So I was a little in doubt and did a

bbackupquery "compare -aq" quit

which told me about a endless list of missing files on the server.

So it looks like bbackupquery recognizes the changed bbackupd.conf, but 
bbackupctl does not.

Has anybody an idea what I did wrong?