[Box Backup] boxi for windows

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 01:52:42 +0200

Hello Chris:

On 01/08/2009 12:51, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> Fails on R648 because automake/autoconf does not generate Makefile.in
> Which Makefile.in?

boxi/Makefile.in is not created at all, probably due to some issue with 
configure.in and/or Makefile.am. If I use the versions from 645 for 
those files with 648, at least ./configure-mingw.sh works fine.

This is perhaps related with the changes you introduced with the wxChart 

>> Apart from that, even R645 fails due to a problem in Box Backup R2547:
>> [CXX] BackupStoreRefCountDatabase.cpp
>> BackupStoreRefCountDatabase.cpp: In static member function `static
>> void BackupStoreRefCountDatabase::Create(const
>> BackupStoreAccountDatabase::Entry&, bool)':
>> BackupStoreRefCountDatabase.cpp:91: error: `FileExists' undeclared
>> (first use this function)
> Thanks for the report,should be fixed now.

Yep, 2548 builds fine: thanks!

Best regards, Achim