[Box Backup] boxi for windows

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 01:55:09 +0200

Hello Victor:

On 01/08/2009 19:21, Victor Meirans wrote:
>>> Appart from running within cygwin, Boxi has all the things needed for
>>> correct backup and restore. Especially the restoring part is there.
>> It doesn't run within cygwin. Cygwin is just a way to compile it. It
>> doesn't use cygwin at all once it's compiled.
> Achim's build required cygcppunit-1-12-0.dll and cygwin1.dll to run...
> I'll test it this weekend.

You are correct that cygcppunit-1-12-0.dll is required, and this 
requirement comes from the self-compiled version of CPPUnit, as outlined 
in my instructions: the Cygwin version of CPPUnit is not used.

I followed Chris' instructions for building CPPUnit locally by the 
letter, and yet this dependency exists. Perhaps there is a way to build 
that dll statically into boxi.exe?

cygwin1.dll is most certainly not required to run any of the builds.

A newer build based on Boxi R645 and Box Backup R2548 is now available 
[1] and contains only the following files:

cygcppunit-1-12-1.dll (CPPUnit as described above)
mgwz.dll (MingW zlib, as opposed to building it by hand)
mingwm10.dll (MingW dll required since we use -mthreads option)

Best regards, Achim

[1] <http://www.cuba-project.org/downloads/boxi_r645_boxbackup_r2548.zip>