[Box Backup] Some Boxi bugs (as of R654)

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Mon, 03 Aug 2009 02:10:21 +0200

After managing to build the latest trunk, I quickly checked out Boxi and 
detected the following issues when going through the "Wizard" interface 
and starting from a non-existent configuration:

1/ The name suggested for CSR in the wizard is 
ACCCOUNTNUMBER.pem-csr.pem but should be ACCCOUNTNUMBER-csr.pem

2/ The name suggested for Key in the wizard is 
ACCCOUNTNUMBER.pem-FileEncKeys.raw but should be 

Both issues seem to use the original private key name as a base, but 
fail to strip of the ".pem" suffix for the additional filenames.

3/ Once the last step in the Wizard is successfully completed, the 
information is not visualized at all in the UI (store host, account 
number etc are all "empty"). "Configuration looks OK" is displayed. 
After saving and reloading the configuration, all values show  correctly.

4/ When saving the initial configuration (after the wizard finalised, 
see 3/), Boxi does not updated the [untitled] in the window name with 
the file name we just saved the configuration under. The asterisk to 
indicate unsaved changes does disappear. When opening the same file 
afterwards, the window name is update correctly and shows the filename 
and path.

5/ After the wizard has finalised and the configuration has been saved, 
I add a directory to be backed up. After "Start Backup", bbstored 
detects a mismatch between hex and decimal account numbers:

----- snip -----
WARNING: Failed login from client ID 0x0000029a: wrong certificate for 
this account
WARNING: Exception thrown: ConnectionException(Conn_TLSReadFailed) at 
ERROR: Error in child process, terminating connection: Connection 
TLSReadFailed (Probably a network issue between client and server, or a 
problem with the server.) (7/34)
----- snip -----

The account was created with

$ bbstoreaccounts create 666 0 2000M 3000M"

$ bbstoreaccounts info 666
                   Account ID: 00000666
               Last object ID: 1
                  Blocks used: 1 (0.00Mb)
     Blocks used by old files: 0 (0.00Mb)
Blocks used by deleted files: 0 (0.00Mb)
   Blocks used by directories: 1 (0.00Mb)
             Block soft limit: 512000 (2000.00Mb)
             Block hard limit: 768000 (3000.00Mb)
          Client store marker: 0

All files throughout the wizard were called 666-something, and 666 is 
indeed 29a in Hex. Why did none of the previous steps (like CSR and 
signing) fail with this issue? Is the test logic correct, or are the 
tests before this step incorrect? The account ID is 00000666 and not 
0000029a, so why does this check fail?

Thanks in advance, Achim