[Box Backup] Latest Boxi Win32 binary

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Mon, 03 Aug 2009 23:04:11 +0200

Hello Edo:

On Mon, 3 Aug 2009 13:47:53 -0700 (PDT), scartomail <scartomail@yahoo.com>
> I have tested the latest Boxi version that Achim made available.
> (Thanks for the great work by the way!)

No problem. I am certain that more eyes on the price (i.e. stable Boxi)
will make the combination Box Backup/Boxi a powerful tool.

> It seems that you can configure most of the files.
> Only the pid, sock and state files are not realy willing so to speak.
> You can point the configurtion of boxi to the pid and sock files.
> This is after I have copyd them manulay from the 0.0.7 version test

Please refer to the bug tracker [1] about how to configure this: I agree
that the current way is not very elegant. It would also be great if you
could check if a bug already exists on the tracker, add a comment, and in
case you found a new one: report it in a way that somebody else can
reproduce it. From a good introduction about how to write bug report [2]:

    * The first aim of a bug report is to let the programmer see the
failure with their own eyes. If you can't be with them to make it fail in
front of them, give them detailed instructions so that they can make it
fail for themselves.

    * In case the first aim doesn't succeed, and the programmer can't see
it failing themselves, the second aim of a bug report is to describe what
went wrong. Describe everything in detail. State what you saw, and also
state what you expected to see. Write down the error messages, especially
if they have numbers in.

    * When your computer does something unexpected, freeze. Do nothing
until you're calm, and don't do anything that you think might be dangerous.

    * By all means try to diagnose the fault yourself if you think you can,
but if you do, you should still report the symptoms as well.

    * Be ready to provide extra information if the programmer needs it. If
they didn't need it, they wouldn't be asking for it. They aren't being
deliberately awkward. Have version numbers at your fingertips, because they
will probably be needed.

    * Write clearly. Say what you mean, and make sure it can't be

    * Above all, be precise. Programmers like precision. 

> But the state file REALY needs to be there in a fixed position.
> That is C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd\bbackup.state.
> I had to create the file and directory manualy or the backup is claiming
> not to be configured right.

I have not come across this: last_sync_start and last_sync_finish are
created in the "DataDirectory" as per the .conf file.

> They are just simple files, why not create them on the fly when the
> starts?
> I ques than it is not the responsibility of boxi anymore.
> Or they could be created by boxi, all in one "working" directory.
> Once you point boxi to the directory it needs it is just a simple file
> write command.

See the DataDirectory in bbackupd.conf. That works for me, without the need
for C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd\bbackup.state.

> Anyway the 11 version already looks a lot better.

I agree, Boxi has made quite some progress, and perhaps we can iron out
most of the remaining issues this summer? Or at least report them?

Thanks in advance, Achim

[1] <https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=135105&atid=731482>
[2] The author of Putty, another great piece of Free software: