[IWE] It's Peter's fault...

Peter Whysall iwe@warhead.org.uk
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 07:54:01 +0100

For Windows, it's a four-way tie between Exodus, JAJC, NEOS and Psi.


All are fine clients. Try them all; you can sign in more than once (because
Jabber has this concept of resources; you can sign in as your home resource,
or your work resource, or the laptop resource, all using the same jabber ID
and password) and see which one blows your hair back.



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Peter Whysall wrote:
>>>> Since I'm not on Jabber and the mailing list was quiet I thought I'd 
>>>> ping in.
>>> You need to fix this part.
>> I have too many addictions as it is, thank you very much.  :-)
> One more won't hurt, then, will it?

You tell me.  :-)

I downloaded the Exodus 0.9 Win32 client (I couldn't quickly find what 
you had recommended in the past) and installed it.  I have a few 

How do I fill out the Login Profile settings?

Profile Tab:
a) Do I make up a Username?  It doesn't like "Another Scott" - I guess 
the space is a no no.
b) Do I use "conference.guildenstern.dyndns.org" or "iwethey.org" or 
something else for the Server?
c) What should I use as a Resource?  Is that just a name for a set of 
d) How to I get a Password?

Connection Tab:
I assume the defaults are OK:
Type: Normal
Priority: 1
x Automatically discover host and port
Host: (blank)
Port: 5222 (gray)

Proxy Tab:
Type: None

HTTP Polling:

I guess once I get connected it'll sort-of fall into place....

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.  I think....

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