[IWE] RIP my son

Alex Rutchka iwe@warhead.org.uk
Tue, 21 Feb 2006 22:18:29 -0500


Words cannot express the deep sympathy I feel for your sorrow.  We have 
so much of ourselves invested in our children.  When events reverse the 
natural sequences of life the pain is intense as a big part of us dies 
as well.  In time and somehow, we need to accept that which we cannot 
change and move forward.

I wish you, MJ, and the rest of the family peace of mind.

Alex Rutchka

williamoxley@netscape.net wrote:

> My eldest son died this am,  he was 17 the musician, this is the 
> hardest thing I have ever gone thru and I have been dealt a lot.
> RIP Quirran Noel Christopher Oxley
> bill