[IWE] Windows PDF printing question

Peter Whysall iwe@warhead.org.uk
Tue, 9 Jan 2007 14:27:47 -0000

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> Subject: [IWE] Windows PDF printing question
> I'm attempting to setup some windows based workflow which 
> includes the 
> requirement for printing PDFs to a Windows network based PCL printer.
> How?
> How do I tell windows to print a PDF?
> Under Linux it is a stright LP command and the CUPs 
> environment figures out it 
> is a PDF and prints it correctly.
> Does the same facility exist in windows?
> Is it a matter of install windows ghostscript and converting 
> it into PCL and 
> dropping it on the \\server\printer name?
> If so, can someone point me in the command line direction for that?

Follow-up: the following two links are where I got the information in my
previous message.


Don't want to appear cleverer than I am. 


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