[IWE] Mac advice wanted

Peter Whysall iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sat, 27 Jan 2007 07:31:45 +0000

On 26 Jan 2007, at 13:50, Barry Roomberg wrote:

> Let's say I'm impressed by OS/X server.
> And I really like the Rumpus FTP server.
> And setting up and email forwarding box is so damn simple I don't  
> mind paying
> the $1,000 for the priviledge.
> Waht OS/X hardware should I get?
> I'm looking to put it in my server room and call it "enterprise".
> This means rackmount is probably a good idea, along with mirroed  
> disks.

Have a look at the XServes. A lot of grunt in a small package.


(It's "OS X", btw, not "OS/X")