[IWE] Mac advice wanted

D. Scott Katzer iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sat, 27 Jan 2007 10:21:54 -0500

Barry Roomberg wrote:
>> Have a look at the XServes. A lot of grunt in a small package.
> Yeah.  I did after that post.  And was annoyed.
> No hardware mirroring.
> Blech.
> No hardware raid internal in any Mac, gotta overpay for the external raid box.
Another thing to keep in mind is that OS X Server is not the same as OS 
X.  A colleague at work was bitten by some broken scripts (directories 
not present, etc.) when he upgraded an X Serve to OS X Server Tiger 
(10.4).  I assume these issues have been fixed by now, but don't assume 
that OS X and Server are the same beast.

I think OS X Server is still PPC-only at the moment, too.

(Who would be nervous about using OS X Server for anything important 
without an experienced MacHead running it.)