[IWE] fun on home front (not)

William Oxley iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sun, 28 Sep 2008 22:52:15 -0400

I was working on the car all day saturday. I had to make a quick  
dinner run at 3pm. was gone for only 38 minutes. Arrived home and  
find full scale brawl in progress. Separate brawlese. They attempt to  
restart a couple of times. 16yo screams at mj "you need to get laid"  
regardless of my sentiments I tell him he is now in my grill so stfu  
and head downstairs.
MJ heads for cherokee for her weekly bingo night EXTREMELY upset.  
Comes home and issues an ultimatum. 16yo goes or she takes 14yo and  
goes back to alaska until 16yo moves out or turns 18 so she can get a  
restraining order. I am not thrilled. Spent today looking at trailers  
and apts.
Spoke with kid. He indicates that older sister offered months ago a  
safe haven (23 in Minnesota) called her. She is thrilled to take him.  
Now logistics between parole, lawyers and finances to ship his ass  
out. There may be piece in my time even if I have to take another  
loan out to get him there with funds.
bletch kids,