[IWE] HI folks!

Jack Troughton iwe@warhead.org.uk
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 10:51:41 -0400

Whew... the shakes are beginning to subside.

Just an FYI... I've uploaded some new tracks to my band's myspace
page. These ones are from a festival we played at this past June. It's
a "pure" live recording... basically a couple of condenser mics right
next to the sound booth.

Peter will undoubtedly find it old-fashioned and boring... but some of
you folks might like some of the stuff that's up there.


You can find it at http://myspace.com/wetheones.

I actually started trying to get this to work late last week, but it
looks like MySpace has taken this long to get some issues with their
new music player (and associated infrastructure) worked out.

Anyhoo... hope you like it, and feedback welcomed!