[IWE] Nouriel Roubini seems to have nailed the econ crisis years ago

Ashton Brown iwe@warhead.org.uk
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 14:22:15 -0700

Bitchin Find, Don!

Roubini was mondo impressive Live, too (despite a bit of an accent 
problem which intrudes) --
twice recently on Charlie Rose. Watched each twice on serial-PBS 
stations to catch the nuances, take notes.

'Twas so {sniff} heartwarming to have found an 'Economist' who appears 
to have transcended the deeply inculcated formula-fetish myopia of the 
vast majority of his lesser-colleagues-in-cant. In favor of say? 
applied-Reason including that Human element which cannot be 
calculated-away, however much puzzle-fun that is for the rote folk ... 
Loved This:

/When the economist Anirvan Banerji delivered his response to Roubini’s 
talk, he noted that Roubini’s predictions did not make use of 
mathematical models and dismissed his hunches as those of a career 

This Al Punte digby ought to be sent to every %^#& legislator, 
preferably printed out in Gothic (w/Verdana links to various subsequent 
discussions, fate-of the exact 'issues' he listed) so as to underscore 
the actual state of ineptness of Murican Econ mass-thought, its 
application and its Failure: especially as interpreted and acted-on by 
these easily flummoxed 'solons'.

Is there another essay re this entire cascading boondoggle anyone's seen 
-- to compare with the concision and accuracy of Roubini's?

That the level of Dumbth is not levelling-off is apparent. 8 Years of 
gnawing away on the remaining tiny bastions of competence appear to have 
accomplished the cabal's basest-intent (render 'government' unable to do 
its job - let Bizness hierarchy Rule)
QED: today, when we need any wisdom that might be resuscitated -- the 
bright ones have been purged and we have left only Repo biz and 
Shrub-grade mediocrity at the major switches. (Nobody much listened to 
'00 predictions about this cabal, either. 'Nobody' won, too.)

We'll always have Paris.. and memories - on that New rutabaga diet for 
banana republics.
Nice to have cashed-out ere the looming massacree gathered momentum: I 
wish you all similar.
Cash == KIng >Black Tuesday '29; today - ¿Quien sabe?

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