[IWE] Pelosi's viciously partisan speech

Ashton Brown iwe@warhead.org.uk
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 17:58:18 -0700

The Prime issue is Speed, is it not?

Now you can achieve competence, address root-causes intelligently. 
achieve effficiency-in-costs - where there's Time.

What I read, across the board(s) from the silly --> profound --> 
occasionally both competent and original -- all seem to have *grave* 
reservations about:

A) WTF *are* even the presumptions behind the packages assembled?  (And 
others considered / deleted.)
B) What are the *odds* that 'plan' mentioned thus far in outline, after 
latest revisions -- can possibly come near to accomplishing anything 
other than a delay?----before an inescapable, authentic search for a 
consensus which addresses at least a few identifiable Root idiocies of 
the present complexified (Windows-modeled?) system.

What do honourable folk do, within such an impasse (while watching the 
clock tick - dutifully)
I Don't pretend to Know best priorities, but I doubt ought to come to: 
flip coin and pick Either:Or again and again.   

If we 'truly' haven't the time even to Use collective intelligence! -- 
maybe we haven't the time either, to restore a Constitution, fix a 
PATRIOT Act or the other long-festering tragedies.  Of what use is a 
limping economic system in a place destined to go [next: inexorably] 
further along the path to a Corporatocracy? (Who today would want to 
defend such a place - subsequently?)

WHEN, then - do we ever face making Sane Changes and not 
Blindly-expedient Emergency/Panic guesses?

Financial-blood; blood in streets -- seems a Question of One or Both.


Ben Tilly wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 5:12 PM, Rand Careaga <rcareaga@mac.com> wrote:
>> This presumptuous termagant had the effrontery to criticize the president?
>> I feel ill.
> There are times to be right, and times to do what is effective, even
> though you know it is wrong.
> She chose to be right when she should have been effective.  Perfectly
> understandable and in the ordinary course of things it would have been
> irrelevant.  But it could have been the final straw (and it is just a
> straw) for enough to have made the difference.
> Ben