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Wolter Hartenbach championskingfishers@landray.com.cn
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 18:22:07 -0060

We live in a time of unthinkable technologies such as self-cooled beer, artificial retinas of the eye, completely automated factories. All these open new methods of saving and transfering of energy. 
AC Energy Introduction to Technology
Wednesday February 28, 6:02 am ET

GARDNERVILLE, NV--Feb 28, 2007 -- AC Energy (ACEN   P K - News) is committed to leading the world in research and development of TOP quality alternative power sources for cell phones and other small and large electronics. 
Our purpose is to revolutionize the battery industry by providing consumers with products of unparalleled convenience and efficiency. 
Through the establishment of select strategic partnerships, AC Energy will maximize its market reach, penetrating every 
sphere of the cell phone and electronics power source industry.

Using their revolutionary battery technology, a phone could operate for its entire 
life without ever needing to be plugged into an outlet or cigarette lighter -- it could actually charge itself. Could you imagine, 
a cell phone that never needs charging!
Furthermore, their product will have the capability to meet the energy needs of the entire small and large electronics market, with minimal 
adaptations to the original technology.

AC Energy's Technology "The battery that never needs to be charged" could work in cell phones, laptops, music players or any other portable device. 
It will be a self-contained unit that will replace the original battery of the device. It can be produced to work with any existing product.

It's not some kind of story or something like this, we provide you with 100% information.
Energy is our future, don't waste time.