[Mswebdev-technical] Need a new job right now?

jud welch jtheodor at jewel.morgan.edu
Wed Jul 13 05:55:12 BST 2011


Hot Jobs from Reliable and Successful Company 
Running its business since 2005, Company has several openings for goal-oriented and 
independent individuals looking for excellent career opportunities. 

- 25+ years old
- UK citizenship
- No criminal record
- Good credit history
- Basic computer skills
- A proven level of secondary education

What we offer
- high and stable income
- exciting career opportunities
- two weeks' paid holiday a year
- great team to work with
- bonuses and our private employee loyalty programme benefits
- and many other things

What you do is just work from home and get advantage of all these opportunities, 
as the job we offer requires only a few hours of your time spent on your computer.

You are full of energy, learn fast and seek for best career opportunities? Do 
contact us at johnh0953 at live.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to welcoming you as a new employee.
jud welch

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