[NO2ID-announce] Will you register for an ID Card? Do you live in Lewisham?

Ben Summers lewisham@no2id.net
Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:54:21 +0100


You're receiving this email because you signed the NO2ID petition  
against ID cards, somewhere in Lewisham.

We know you don't like ID cards, but will you go as far as refusing  
to register for an ID card?

Over 11000 people have committed to refuse at the PledgeBank web site:


There must be quite a good number of us in Lewisham. We'd like to  
write to the press and tell them why we're not going to accept an  
intrusive, expensive, and technically flawed ID Card.

So, if you've signed the pledge (and it's not too late to sign it  
now), could you get in touch by replying to this email?

Many thanks,

NO2ID Lewisham