[Box Backup] Unencrypted storage?

Joris boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 04 Dec 2004 19:50:11 +0100

Garry Glendown wrote:
> Joris wrote:
>> But I can picture a situation where it may mean having to encrypt a 
>> couple of terrabyte to begin with, and then requiring a backup server 
>> that's 10 times more powerfull just to be able to handle the 
>> encryption. All this while the old backup solution's (physical?) 
>> enviroment provided the neccesairry data confidentiality.
> Maybe I have misunderstood something here, but Box Backup does NOT 
> encrypt on the server, but on the client, therefore the server should 
> have less load than with a centralized encryption ... also, you don't 
> have to trust the server's (or server operator's) confidentiality, which 
> may be an issue! (just was at a customer yesterday, where they put a 
> directory on the Linux box w/ SMB share just for two people, because 
> they need a local admin that can take care of the Windows box - but they 
> couldn't keep files from him ... problem was, if he has access to the 
> local backup of the Linux box, he might be able to restore the files to 
> a directory he might have access to on user level ...)

The place where the encryption happens does not change the fact that it 
requires extra cpupower, but I indeed somehow got the wrong model in 
mind while writing the above.

I think my arguments for a encryptionless option are still valid.

    joris @ v5 . be